Thursday, April 19, 2007

4:30am and not sleeping...

So, I was wide awake this morning at 4:30am. I mean, if you know me, you know I love sleep, so why in the world could I not sleep any longer?!?!?! Well, it could have been the fact that I fell asleep around 8pm the night before, or the fact that I ate some Ledo's pizza (to much actually) and it wasn't sitting with me well. Either way I'm up, and the rest of the world is sleeping. It's actually pretty quite during this time. All i've heard the the chirping of birds.
I've been enjoying my job a lot. There is so much to learn and I feel as if everyday I'm learning something new. A lot of the ladies I work with complain about the company. But I am thankful for the previous company I worked for. It made me realize how much more is out there! My goal (and I know Satan will do everything in his power to try and ruin this for me) is not to get caught up in the "office gossip" or talk bad about anyone to anyone! I mean I've already had a run in with one of the ladies, but I just keep telling myself, God put her in my life for a reason. I've already been labeled the "Sunny brooke farm girl" because I'm always smiling, giggling, and humming. I'm not sure what they say about me behind my back, but then again, I'm not to worried. I've been told I'm doing a great job, so that helps a lot =). The company has some great benefits and I'm pretty excited about moving up in the company. The whole, working in the city thing is...interesting. There is always someone walking around asking for money, and then there are the people who have always lived in the city who walk as if no one else is around and you better get out of their way before they run you over. Then there are the people who just go with life's flow and don't even realize the amazing structures and "beauty" of the city. I probably look like a tourist because I'm always looking up at these HUGE buildings!!! Anyway, I'm loving my job and I get my first pay check this week!!! woohoo!!!
Not to much else is going on right now. There's Church, Bus Ministry and Super Church.
Well, I think I'm gonna go up and do laundry. Until next time...

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