Wednesday, April 4, 2007

No I'm not

Ok, I know you guys are freaking out about me not being on myspace. I mean I know I'm addicted and all but its ok, don't freak out =P.

First of all, I forgot to pay the cable bill, well I didn't forget, I just scheduled it for the wrong month lol. So we didn't have cable last night. And today I went to a "motivational" conference. So with all that said, lets just say I'm motivated to blog! But I'm tired, and I wan't to put my thoughts together before I blog about my very informative, but overwhelming day! I've been up since about 5:15am, battling thunder, lightning, heavy down pours, the light rail, a cold cup of vanilla chia tea from Dunkin donuts, I had to throw my HUGE bottle of Deer Park water that I hadn't even opened yet in the trash cause we weren't allowed to bring it in (cause they wanted you to spend $3.75 on their small Aquafina waters *sigh*), a very crowded arena, I listened to some WONDERFUL, Inspiring speakers, but I'm exhausted! So I'll blog more tomorrow! Hope you all have a great night!!

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