Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Broken Hearts

It breaks my heart to sit on my front porch and watch the world go by. As a Christian, you tend to have more compassion for this world and the people in it. I literally watch people walk up and down our sidewalks and streets that are addicted to drugs, and I wonder if this is how their lives have always been? A slave to a pill, needle, or smoke? I watch the next generation walking down our ally way smoking pot and laughing, thinking they are so cool. If they only knew that in 10-15 years they will regret these moments. What has happened to the parents of today? They just don't care. They have a career, or selfish reasons for not caring for their children. There are people like me, who would love to have a baby, raise a wonderful family, be a stay at home mom, taking care of my children and waiting for my husband, their dad, to come home so we could greet him and see a smile on his face. I dream of this day, yet there are children have babies and not caring for them.
Today the upstairs neighbors (next to our home) was evicted because they owe about $900.00 in rent. They were upset because a few of their items were missing (such as a tv and dvd player) and wanted their items. Its interesting how selfish people really are. You owe $900.00 in rent and they still expect you to give them everything! How frustrating. I am thankful they are gone. I feel bad they were evicted but they were warned and they knew it was coming. They brought way to much traffic to our street and the saddest thing was they couldn't pay their rent but they were always drunk or high.
I pray that my children will never have to deal with people like this. I know I will make them aware of what happens, I will make sure they understand. But I pray that they will be strong enough to say no. It's so hard to watch my bus kids suffer, and to think the people next door are suffering. If they could only understand Christ as I have, to accept him, and be thankful for His mercy and Grace. I'm so thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for me. I am so thankful for His shed blood saving me from the pits of Hell. I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband, and his wonderful family. I'm thankful for loving parents and brothers. I'm thankful for my wonderful friends. I have so much more than I deserve. What more could I ask for?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A prisoner in my own home...

So this blog is pretty much my venting blog!!!
Over the last few months we have been dealing with some disrespectful, inconsiderate and just unruly neighbors. Tim and I live in a row home in Brooklyn Park. I wouldn't say its the worst part of the ghetto, but its becoming close. We have an end unit and Tims brother owns the next unit, and Tims dad owns the third unit and I believe the 5th and 6th unit. Well, a while ago Tom had to move out because their family was expanding and they needed more space for Noah to run around. Our road was so quite, and no one messed with anything, you never saw people hanging out or anything. They all pretty much just stayed to themselves. Then the new people arrive. The one word to describe them is Loud! Well, fine, go ahead be loud, you are in your own house. But then we started to notice more and more traffic, then we noticed the neighbors mom hanging out on the corner, and the son doing drugs. Then the daughter (who is 14) starts buying drugs right in front of our house! The neighbors upstairs are addicted to heroine and are always fighting and the cops have been called several times for him hitting her. Then the down stairs neighbors are just as insane, ones a prostatute, one runs drugs for the druggies, and all of them do drugs! I've about lost my mind! I feel as if I can't even go out in my own yard and relax because you have insane people trying to start stuff! I don't know what to say. I'm just going to continue to pray and as God to help us through this and the next people that move in (because they both are getting evicted soon) are much better and actual, reliable, adults! Please pray for us as we go through this trial!
Other than that, We are doing well. I've been promoted at work and enjoying my new position. Tim and I are very active in our church and enjoying the bus ministry. We don't really have weekends so I can't wait for next weekend when I got monday off!! =)
Well, I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading my thoughts! lol