Monday, December 10, 2007


Well, Sunday was wonderful! It was just one of those day's that everything seems to go right =)

Sunday afternoon we were practicing for our Christmas Musical "The heart of Christmas" and I just kept getting so emotional thinking about the fact that my parents are going to come. Tim and I are in the musical. I'm in the choir and Tim will be singing a solo. The fact that my parents are coming is HUGE. They never really want to do anything that has to do with church but I think because Tim and I are actually going to be in it and have worked hard on it they want to see what has been accomplished. I'm also inviting some unsaved family and pray that they will receive the gift of eternal life.

I just wanted share this since it was on my heart!

a few quotes....

"it's alright for the ship to be in the water but its not ok for the water to be in the ship" ship-christians; water- world

"you will meet the same devil wherever you go. So stay Strong in the Lord"

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