Friday, January 11, 2008

A vapor...

My eyes have been opened to the passage from the bible that talks about how our lives are like a vapor. I now understand the true meaning of not being promised our next breath.

My Uncle Billy, who has always been the favorite uncle, has just received word the cancer he has been fighting for 3 years has overcome his body. It has filled most of his lungs, liver and spinal cord. The cancer that was in his brain is still there but has not spread or become larger. He is suffering from demintia due to the toxins from the cancer going to his brain. This man, who always was the funny, crazy, and so daring, now depends on others to help him. His 7 year old daughter is scared to go near him because this is not the daddy that she knows. Everytime she walks in a room his face lights up and I see a glimpse of the Uncle I have known all of my life. My mom had informed me Friday (as we made it to CT to see good friends of ours) that the cancer had spread to his spine. Then on Wednesday I was told he was rushed to the Hosptial and they realized how severe it really was. They cannot give us a time frame....they just say it will be when he gives up. My parents have told him not to suffer anymore and to go, that they will make sure everyone is taken care of. But i think he holds on because he loves them so much. As hard as it is now to see him suffer, there is a selfishness in me that says I don't want him to go, but at the same time I don't want him to suffer. I have always been one full of tears. I have always been the one that is emotional to others feelings. I believe have a compassion that others control differently than I do. I spoke with my mom and she said that my Uncle was saved. Only God knows his heart. I pray that his wife and 4 children will see the results of sin and stop doing the things they are involved in. I pray that God gives them the stregnth and peace.

My other uncle, who is the baby, also has cancer in his lungs and they are treating it aggresivly so that it will not spread to his lungs.

I know God has reasons for everything, I just pray that He reveals to us why. He is only in his early to mid 40's and has 3 girls and a boy.

I am going to see him on Saturday. I just pray God gives me peace about his salvation.

Please pray for the Dickson family, they have lost one brother due to a heart attack and their father also passed away due to a heart attack. Now they are about to lose another brother to cancer. Their Mother will most likely out live most of them.

Ann Marie

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