Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm gonna be an Auntie!!!!!

I know this won[' be new for me, but it will all at the same time. My youngest brother (the baby) Brad and his wonderful wife Tamsin are expecting!!!!! They just celebrated their first anniversary! Wow, I am so thrilled for them! She is so excited and he's excited but only as excited a man can get about something like this :P They will be wonderful parents and the other great news is.....THEY WILL BE STATIONED IN NORTH CAROLINA SO WE WILL ACTUALLY BE CLOSER!!! YAY!!!! I'm so thrilled!

This news is wonderful and so exciting but at the same time my heart just yearns for that feeling. The feeling of carrying life inside of you. Having the overwhelming feeling when you hear the news you are pregnant. Tears come to my eyes when I think of the day God blesses Tim and I with a child. We know everything is in Gods timing and we know it will happen when we least expect it but my hear fills up with joy at the thought of this.

Don't get me wrong, Tim and I love the fact that we can get up and go at a moments notice, we can enjoy going out to dinner here and there, spending time with our friends, travel and not having to worry about everything we need for a child. But our desire is to have a child of our own. I know God has something special in store for us. We've even talked about adopting. But we still have time :)

God is so good. It seems when we are running through life's journey and caught up in the hustle and bustle of all that life offers, news like this is just wonderful! Each life is precious :)

Thank you Lord for saving my soul!!


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