Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Most days go without a hitch...

Then there are others that don't go as planned. This morning I woke up with a headache that pretty much put me in bed all day. I had my week planned out. Working overtime to try and keep us ahead on our bills (I am acutally enjoying working overtime I seem to be learning a lot more and its not that its required but it is very helpful when the pay check comes!). My saturdays have become another work day and it seems by the time Sunday rolls around we struggle to make it through the day. I know I need to slow down and take a deep breath. Tim preached Sunday on the parable of a rich man who had so much harvest that he had to take down his barns and build bigger ones. The rich man continued by saying that he wouldn't have to work and would be able to enjoy life and relax for many years because of the harvest he took in. It was then that the Lord said to him that he was going to die that night and what legacy had he left behind??? As I listened to him preach I thought of my life. Is all the time I put into work vain? I know God blesses us with jobs, and money, and family. But I have given up my Saturdays for work, I haven't had my heart fully in the few ministries I am in. I felt as if God had the message just for me. I am at a new cross road in my life. I love my job and don't mind working the over time. Then on the other hand I feel as if my heart has become hardened towards the bus ministry, the teen class, and soul winning. I know what my priorities should be. Why is it so stinkin hard to make the choice though?!?!?! I guess this is when we realize that the flesh is winning and our service to God is dwendling? My challenge to myself as well as those who read this....what will be waiting for you in heaven? Hay and stuble? Or precious gemstones and crowns to cast at the foot of our Savior?

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