Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have heard a lot of news concerning our military. There are the crazy "church"goers that have been protesting at the funerals of our fallen soldiers and then there are those who protested in front of the military recruiting center in CA. I have to agree with Dr. Laura when she says "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE". The saddest thing of all, is though people are rude, inconsiderate, and just down right selfish, My brother, a great MARINE still gets up everyday and heads into base, to make sure the helicopters that patrol the many areas of the world are maintained. He works 24 hour shifts to guard his unit. He may not be in Iraq putting his life on the line for our freedom, but trust me, if they told him today he'd be headed out tomorrow, he wouldn't think twice. He would lay down his life for you or I. He wouldn't think twice about taking a bullet for his buddy. And yet, people like the ones mentioned above have the nerve to stand on the streets and protest for a fallen soldier who gave his life so they could stand there with their very unpleasant "free" speech have no dignity at all. America has become so selfish, so desensitized by so many things, it surprises me we haven't had another attack like 9/11.....oh wait....thats because thousands of men and women are overseas hunting down those who headed up that attack and making sure I can wake up every morning and not worry about if I will be arrested or killed for my beliefs or for my speech.

American Soldiers are Heroes! Make sure to pray for them and thank them when you see them. Hoorah!

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