Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today is a special day in History.....

I WAS BORN!!!! lol juuuust kidding...well i was born but I'm not sure about the special part

Well, I've received several text messages and cards and its only 8:30am! You might be asking yourself why I'm writing a blog so early. Well cause I have a doctors appointment and this is as good as a time as ever for me to write a blog! lol.

I've been struggling the last couple of months with my "female" issue. It's nothing new for me. I've had these issues since I was 11. It stinks and I'm just tired of the Doctors telling me that I need to lose the weight before they go away. Well sir, why is that I know people who are just as heavy as me and have no problems with their period?!?!? Why is it that people who are super skinny and fit have the same problems I have?!?!?! IT CAN'T BE JUST A WEIGHT PROBLEM!!!! *sigh*. The dr I am going to today was highly recommended and I am just praying that he can help me. I don't want to be on birth control anymore. I want to have babies!!! I know God will give them to me when I am ready but I don't want to be taking birth control anymore. I have been since I was 12!!!! I'm trying not to be worked up and frustrated before I go but it seems to be the same vicious cycle over and over and over again. I think that if the dr's had to live with what I live with for just a day they would be figuring out how to make it better! when you have to plan your day around the "female" issue.....you start to get overwhelmed and even start going crazy!!! *sigh*

Anyway, I should get in the shower and have some breakfast. Please pray for me. This is always a difficult and trying time for me :(

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