Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Exciting annoucement....

No, I'm not pregnant. I know that's what I would love to be announcing, but this is just as exciting!

Two Sunday evenings ago, my wonderful husband went forward and answered his call to the ministry!!! I have known for a while, and I know he has too but God has been doing some amazing things in our lives and Tim wanted to make it public his call to preach. What a blessing! We are not sure where God will have us go or do so we will continue doing what we have been doing at Granite. We work in the bus ministry (please pray for us as we are about to start a new bus route in the next couple of weeks!) and we work with the Bus Teen Boys. We are loving how God has worked in our lives and we LOVE watching God work in the lives of our bus kids as well as Teens! Tim is looking into completing his degree with Midwestern through correspondence and will be receiving the info this week. Please pray for us as we start this new journey in our lives. We know the devil will be doing his best to get in the way and discourage us but we have a GREAT and MIGHTY God who if we trust and look too will guide us.

Some more news....

April 9th there was a report on the news of a young boy who was struck by a falling tree limb and later passed away. That young, 7 year old boy was one of Tim and I bus kids. His name was Steven Richards. We remember a time when Steven came forward during super church for salvation. We have peace he is in heaven but his family is devastated. At the funeral our pastor preformed the service and about 30 people raised their hand for salvation. Please pray for this family as the mourn the loss of a dear loved one. It has been difficult on Tim and I as we try and answer the difficult questions from the family. It is not easy losing a loved one but it is more difficult to loss a child. This family has had so much tragedy in the last year we know this is God trying to get their attention.

Tim and I are doing well. Today is Tim's 30th birthday! He's cutting the grass right now but we have enjoyed the last 5 days off! We have enjoyed some alone time as well as met with our pastor today for lunch and we had a nice cookout Saturday in celebration for Tim's Birthday. We had friends and family there and enjoyed a great time of fellowship!

Well, I must finish cleaning our basement and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day! Please pray for us as we continue on our journey and serving God.


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Anna said...

Ann, that is sooooooooo awesome! You guys are going to be (and already are) such a blessing. I am so happy for you!