Saturday, April 26, 2008

Past... Present... Future...

I didn't grow up in a Christian home but I wouldn't change that for anything. I did eventually attend a Christian High School when I got saved and my parents gave me the option. I see God's hand in that. I met a guy online and talked to him for almost 4 years. He told me of a school in Michigan and I began praying about going to college there. It was 10 hours away, I didn't know a soul other than this guy and looking back now, I see God's hand in it. I met my now Husband and though we had a rough start, I am amazed at how close we have grown to each other and how much closer we have grown to the Lord. We didn't finish school but we did end up moving to Maryland to work with my former youth pastor, I see God's hand in that. It was a time of rest for us and a time to regroup and get our thoughts, heart, and feelings together. After Tim's accident we knew we needed to be doing more for God. It was a wake up call from God. God doesn't have to give us chances to do it right, He could just take us the moment we disobey, but God has something in store for Tim and I. We then found Granite. We know God was in that! Granite has taught us so much! It has taught us so much about the ministry, drawing closer to God, how to deal with people, and how to overcome our own issues. Then, 3 sunday evening's ago, Tim went forward to answer his call to preach. Ever since that night, things have changed. I don't know how to explain it. It's not a bad thing, but at this moment in my life, I don't know where I fit in. I believe this is God's way of preparing us for something big, but my heart aches for what we once had at Granite. We love Granite for all it has done for us. You will never find a more loving and caring church. The people will do anything for you. They are supportive and when someone says they are praying for you, you know its the truth! Before we left Michigan we attended a church there. We LOVED the people of the church, we wished we could pack them all up and take them with us, but that isn't God's plan. Just like with this church. We don't know where or when God will move us, but we do have a feeling it will be soon. We are in deep prayer and seeking God's will for us. I feel as if I don't fit in anymore...and that has been the most difficult part of this journey. I know serving God will not be easy, and that I have a lot to learn about being the wife of a person in full time christian service but please pray for me. Im not angry or bitter because of the situation. It just feels as if I'm all alone and God wants to teach me somethings, its not scary or a sad time, just a time I've never experienced before. Pray that I will learn, see, and understand why.

Much Love and Prayers
Ann Marie

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