Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exception to the Rule...

So since Tuesday I have been battling horrible allergies and finally went to the doctors yesterday (Friday). I didn't get to go to my doctors because they were on vacation and I ended up at a patient first (kinda like an urgent care). I knew the wait would be long and just grabbed a box of tissues and went along with the flow. I was finally put in a room and was sitting on the bed waiting for the dr to come in. As i was sitting there, I heard a gentelman down the hall getting loud with either a dr or a nurse. He must have had a little one there to be treated and he was upset because whoever came into his room to start treating the little one was rude to him. He had been on his cell phone and the dr had come in and asked the gentleman to get off the cell phone. The gentleman stepped out of the room and ended his call as soon as he could. The dr then left the room and came back a while later to hassle the man. He then explained to her that it was his son who was in the military stationed in Saudia Arabia and he didn't know when the next time he would talk to him. At this point the dr SHOULD HAVE apologized and understood the situation, seeing that his son, is fighting for their freedom! But instead, the dr insisted that since the rule was to be off the cell phone he was going to be punished. There is always an exception to the rule. I wanted to walk out and ask that man to thank his son for me! I understand both sides of the situation but there are too many people around here taking our freedom for granted.

Thank you to each and every person serving in the military! I appreciate your sacrifice and dedication to keeping AMERICA Free!

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