Monday, May 12, 2008

Let the flood begin

So, last night we wake up to a drip...drip...drip in the middle of our bed. Then we hear another drip...drip...drip next to me AND another drip drip drip next to tim. We turn on the light to see a light of bubbles in the ceiling and water dripping into our bedroom. Tim puts buckets on either side of our bed to cover the ground and we place a towel between us to cover the drip in the middle of our bed. I kept waking up here and there through out the rest of the night to the sounds of drip. It was sooooooo annoying!!! Needless to say I got no sleep and tossed and turned all night. I ended up taking the day off (which I could not afford to for work sake) so I could get some rest and so i could monitor the rain damage. Eventually the rain slowed down and so did the drips....hopefully the roof will get fixed soon :)
Onto good news...
We were informed yesterday morning that someone would be dropping a $600.00 check in the offering plate to pay off Tim's remainder school bill. WHAT A BLESSING! Tim really wants to finish his degree but we weren't sure how we were going to afford to do it. We are not hurting as bad as we had been financially in the years past, but with what we make we are barely in the green at the end of the month and that's if nothing extra comes up. We are trusting in God more than ever and we know He has something big for us. God has been so good to us.
I have always know God was real, but as a lot of young Christians feel, you don't "feel" Him or understand how He is really around you. One day, He became more real to me than ever...
On April 13, 2005 Tim and I got up to get ready for work. I remember him leaving and I said "Your hair looks really good today" we laughed and kissed and off to work he went. I finished getting ready and headed off to work. I was having a great morning. I was on the phone with a customer and my receptionist came over in the middle of the call and said "Put them on hold" I looked at her confused and asked the gentleman to hold. The receptionist than informed me there was a guy on the phone who said there was an emergency. My heart started pounding, I felt the release of adrenalin rush into my body and my hands begin to shake. As I picked up the phone the guy on the other end said "Tim's been in an accident, he can move his legs but he is headed to shock trauma". I felt the look on my face change and I remember looking at Sarah across the way and I began to cry. I had no idea what he meant by an accident. I just knew it couldn't have been good. I dropped my phone, picked up my purse and keys and everyone had gathered around my desk and people said "You can't drive like this Ann Marie". I just looked up and said "I don't want to drive I just need to get shock trauma and I don't know how.". I ran into my office managers office and begged her to take me to shock trauma. She told me to get in the car and she would take me. One of the advertising guys knew how to get there and he ended up driving both of us. I called my mom as I waited for someone to take me to UM (shock trauma) and told her I didn’t know what happened but that Tim was rushed to the hospital. She told me to call her when I found out something. I told her I would. I then called Tim's Dad and he was in the ambulance with Tim. He calmed me down by saying that the porch roof had collapsed on Tim and he was impaled by the railing. He then informed me he was ok and that they were almost at the hospital. I felt a little better, but because I hadn't seen him myself I was so scared. We arrived at the hospital to find Tim dad, and his mom who was crying and saying she was so sorry. I sat down and comforted his mom and said he would be ok. My friend carrie was there comforting me. Eventually they allowed me to see Tim and when I got up there He was laying flat on his back with dirt all over him. I looked at him and tears pouring out I smiled and kissed him. I needed to stay strong and I didn't want to crumble in front of him. I asked for something to wipe his face, arms and hands off and told him I loved him. He was in so much pain. The dr's then came in and informed me they would have to take him into surgery and clean his wound and debris out. I just nodded not knowing what was going on or how bad this really was. I remember the doctors telling us we had to go because they were taking him. I said a last goodbye and kissed him and they wheeled him away. I walked out of the ICU and there was my mom and dad and I had my support and I just started crying and hugging them. I went downstairs and waited as they had Tim in surgery for 2 hours. I was then informed that a 5000 pound porch roof had collapsed on tim. It had pushed him backwards and he landed on a broken aluminum railing. He was yelling for help and two of the window guys had run around and tried to life the roof off of him but they couldn't. A guy who was taking a break at the steel shop across the road from the house was watching Tim as he was changing out the supports and saw the porch fall. He yelled for some of the guys to go over and help him lift the porch roof. They all help lift it and Tim had to make a split decision. He decided to pull himself off of the railing that had impaled him to get out from under the roof. He wasn't sure how the roof was being supported and did not want it crashing down on him. The night before there was a 5 alarm fire across the street at the Styrofoam factory and there were still fire trucks and ambulances there monitoring the fire. They heard the call to 911 over the radio and grabbed their gear and ran across the street. Tim said he remembered one of them lifting his shirt up and putting it back down. They put him on a stretcher and put him in the ambulance. After about 2 hours of surgery and 4 hours of them trying to find a room for him I finally got to see him. His face was flushed, he was in pain and looked as if he was in and out of sleep. I smiled when I saw him and remembering saying "honey, you messed up your hair". We both laughed and I was just so happy to know he was ok. The doctor who did the surgery came in and told me that he had a hole the size of a mans fist in his back, the wound was less than an 1/2 an inch from his spine and kidney and that he had no internal injuries and it was a MIRICAL that it wasn't any worse. I had no idea that day or the next 3 days how close I was to losing tim. I was so worried about taking care of Tim, helping him get up, taking walks down the hall, doing steps, bringing him food, waking up to the phone calls around 6am to come and see him because he couldn't sleep, that I never really let it sink in that he was so close to losing his life. It was about 2 weeks later it finally hit me. GOD was more real to me that moment than he ever has been to me. He could have taken Tim, but he didn't, because he has something special in store for us. He didn't put us on the top shelf that doesn't get used, he opened our eyes to our selfishness. That brings us to today. We are more than ever closer to God. We have seen his hand through out the days of our lives. We are so thankful for his unfailing love, his protection, his never ending forgiveness and for the moments we have to cherish Him. Our marriage has become better because of this, our ministries have been blessed because we let HIM do the work, we aren’t worn out or burned out from the ministry, because we lean on him to carry us. We are thankful for all he has done for us and our family.
I know this is a long one, but its something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I wanted to share it with those who may need to know that even in the deepest darkest part of the valley, God is there, just listen for him, feel his presence, know He is true to his word.

With much love and prayers
Ann Marie
Matthew 5:16

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