Friday, August 14, 2009

What Have I been up to Lately???

I don't have a whole lot of time, but I'm feeling pretty guilty for not blogging lately. I always read the 5 or 6 blogs I follow but by the time I get to the point where I want to blog, i'm way to busy! lol

The end of July beginning of July I was able to go to the National Sword of the Lord Conference! It was amazing, soul stirring and I for sure want to go again! If you've never been YOU MUST go next year! I even saw a lady I hadn't seen in YEARS there! One night my husband and I ended up coming in late to the conference and the only place to sit was in the choir loft! How embarrassing! Everyone watched as we walked in halfway through the message and oh humbling lol. Cindy saw me from the balcony and said to her husband (who's dad was my favorite math and speech teacher in High school) Hey thats Ann! lol wow....

After the sword conference we headed to Raleigh NC to see my Nephew I had not met yet and My brother and his wonderful wife! We had lunch and spent a few hours together and then we left to head to Maryland to spend time with my parents and then His parents. We made it back to MI in time to get some rest and start our work week.

I have been recovering from the trip and still have a ton to do!

My diet isn't going so well but things will change over the next couple of weeks. I plan on going to the gym starting next week.....gotta get a schedule that works for me and then I'm going to beg God to help me to be faithful to it!

College starts in 2 weeks and I'm so not ready for the students to show up yet (we are the dorm parents in case you didn't know) so I'm running around getting welcome baskets together, letting the students who live there over the summer earn some credit on the school bills by cleaning rooms and such. They painted the Lobby to give it a fresh look and we need to get some items to put it in there :)

So thats pretty much about it.....I plan on blogging over the weekend on some things that have been laid on my heart.

Hope everyone is doing well! I have been praying for my friend Cassie who should be in Russia right now! Can't wait to hear they made it!