Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Whirlwind that never stops...

Thats what it seems like lately...the life whirlwind...go here, go there, be here, need to go there, need to be over there at the same time you are here and so on....

I'm so glad the church secretary is back! Thats one less job I have to do! Praise the Lord!

College started last week, it seemed to be flying by with just a blink! Monday students started moving in, Tuesday registration started, Wednesday was the first day of school, Thursday was some what normal, Friday was work, hang out with the students in the dorm, dorm devotions, go to bed way to late, Saturday breakfast for everyone in our apartment at 10am, then to the heatherly's for volleyball and dinner, then church Sunday, then Monday was labor day, breakfast at the Carr's house, go to Great Lakes Crossing walk the entire mall and stop in 1/3 of the stores, then Devo's with the girls and tuesday I CRASHED! I slept most of the day and that did not sit well with Tim but my body just couldn't do it anymore...I just needed a day!

We received word on Monday that one of the Kolmus twins, Caleb, passed away. He was One week old (but 16 weeks early). We have been lifting them up in prayer daily as often as I can, and i feel so bad. Leah is still hour by hour but she is stable.

I've had a lot on my mind lately and no time to blog about it. There has been a lot going on around me in my friends lives and it is hard to watch a friend struggle with life, choices, and satan. It's hard to watch a family that you love dearly struggle within. I know thats what we get when we live in this world but it still doesn't ease the hurt you feel.

God has been so good to me. I am constantly reminded of His love for me. He provides in ways I cannot imagine and when I think it couldn't get any better, He gives me a new surprise! If only I could be more faithful to Him!

This is more of a venting thread than anything...welcome to the whirlwind!

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