Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Letter....

Dear Loved Ones,

2009 was quite a year for Tim and I. I guess to give you the "full" story we must start back in 2008. Yes I know...its longer than a year but I'll give you the short story! Promise!!

In April of 2008 Tim answered his call to preach. (I had been praying that he would realize his amazing talent to lead and the way God uses him and sure enough 8 years later….)
In July 2008 Dr. Tom Berg encouraged us to go visit Midwestern. (MBC was the college we met at but never graduated. When we got married in 01 there were a lot of things that happened towards us that left us in a state that we did not ever want to go back there….)
In August 2008 God gave Tim an Amazing job so that we could afford to MOVE back to MI and attend MBC.
In November 2008 We packed up everything we owned into a storage container. Packed all that we could in our Mustang (Including our dog) and traveled to CT, NY and then to MI where Tim would go to finish his education.
In December 2008 our nephew who was told would not make it through pregnancy, and certainly not through delivery was born. Healthy and beautiful. He still had a tumor on his heart but he wasn’t suffering in any way. He was in the hospital for 10 days and they sent him home with surgery in the near future but with no signs of struggle or growth His heart was beating steady. 7 days later while taking his nap, he went home to be with Jesus.
That brings us to January 2009. Tim started his fist semester of college in 6 years and enjoyed taking 2 classes. I also started working for our Pastor as his “Bookstore” secretary and am still enjoying working along side of him, our co-pastor, and their wives. The spring flew by and before we knew it, we were asked to be dorm parents!
July 2009 Tim and I went to our first Sword of the Lord conference with our pastors and loved every minute of it! It was exhausting but fun! Tim also becomes the Choir Director of our church!
August 2009 By the end of the summer we were ready to take on our first semester of being dorm parents to 12 mostly teenage college students. We had no idea what we were getting into!
September 2009 we jumped into the first semester as dorm parents (Tim took two classes (not knowing he would lose his job just two weeks later) and then picked up taking Choir, Mens Ensemble and taking voice lessons) and learned so much but enjoyed the love we could share with these students! Also in September, Tim lost his job. A HUGE shock to us, something we never experienced before, and him being our main source of income, we had no idea what we were going to do. But God knew what HE was doing…and that’s all that matters! Tim’s voice teacher Mrs. Welch told asked Tim to try out for Jackson Chorale (a local and well known group in our area). Tim was nervous and was hesitant, but went for it. He now sings Second tenor and is still amazed at the fact that he is part a professional singing choir!
October 2009 we continue to be dorm parents and struggle to find God through everything that is going on. By struggle I mean, we learn to trust, lean and look to God for everything! It is still hard today, but we realize that letting God in control of our lives is way easier than us trying to do it!
November 2009 we planned on going home to Maryland to see our family for thanksgiving (and to pick up our stuff that is still in a storage container a year later!) but God had other plans. We ended up staying home so we could have thanksgiving with some students that weren’t going to be able to go home for the holiday! I am so thankful for the tender heart God gives me! I never want to see anyone left alone on a holiday!
December 2009 We were going to go home the first week of December but once again, it was not of God. We received word that our best friend, Rich Zawadzki’s Dad was extremely ill. Not being saved, Rich made his way back out east (He had just moved to MI to take a church in Jackson!). He made in an hour before his dad passed away. His dad accepted Christ hours before going into a coma and now is in heaven walking the streets of gold! Tim and I watched their 5 week old while Kerry (Rich’s wife) drove out to MA. She couldn’t do the trip with 2 little ones under the age of 2 so she left me the “easier” of the two! Tim and I had quite the wake up call on our choice to try for children…and though it was an experience it was a GREAT experience and we are praying for future little lee babies! Christmas was small this year but was full of so many blessings and humbling experiences!
That brings me to January 1, 2010! Tim and I are excited to be jumping into this year. We have a lot of unknowns in the future but can honestly say that God is in control of them all!

Some resolutions we have….
*I plan on taking out all gluten, dairy, sugar, and processes foods out of my daily food intake. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! Lol I know this may sound insane, but I must do it in order to overcome PCOS and so we have a better chance of us having children.
*I also plan on reading through my bible this year.
*I also plan on going to the gym at least 3 days a week
*Tim is going to try and take as many classes as he possibly can so that he may finish up his degree (possibly this year!)
*Tim is also on board with trying to read through his bible in a year. He has a challenge for the Dorm Students to read through the new testament this semester!
*We plan on working on Marriage and growing closer to the Lord
*We also plan on becoming debt free this year.
Please continue praying for us as we go down this path that God has laid before us. We covet your prayers and thank you for the encouraging words many of you have given us. We are thankful for the man Friends God has put along our path.

Please tell me, what are some of your resolutions?!?!?

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