Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Litte Over Due...

Where have we been lately….
As I start to type this I am still seeking the words to describe this amazing journey. That’s what it is, a journey. One that I know what the end result with be, but I don’t know the details in between. I prefer it that way. I find myself growing more and more as I learn to lean on Christ. Trust Him for my daily needs and watch as He shows his unconditional love by giving me my “wants”.

On a daily basis Tim and I discuss how God has been working on us. How He has been molding and making us. At times we may not see the big picture but eventually we work together and see what God really is doing with us. I can honestly say, the moment we said we would move out here, was the first time we ever felt real “peace” and felt like we were in God’s perfect will. There has not been one day that God did not meet a need. I mean, how do you go from making $67,000 a year (as a couple) to making a little over $23,000.00 and have every bill paid, every need met and be able to attend college all at the same time? Trust me if I were to try it in the world with this (which we have and failed time and time again) we would probably be divorced and who knows what we would be doing with our lives. I can’t even recall how many times God showed up right when we needed Him. That isn’t to come across as if we don’t appreciate, notice or care when it happens, but because it has happened so much, we are just overwhelmed by God’s goodness to us. To list just a few of the things God has done….

There are times when we are down to our last dollar, no food in our fridge or cupboard and we think “what in the world are we going to do?” God shows up with a Card which includes Cash and it says “buy some groceries with this”. We sit there wondering how they knew…we told no one.

Tim, who is a full time college student, helped his teacher out by handing out assignments for a class he was in while the teacher was in Africa on a Missions Trip. He never expected anything as this was a class he is TAKING! The teacher hands him a $100.00 and thanks him for his time. What in the world?!?!?!? I just bowed my head, humbled by God’s goodness, and thank the Lord. I don’t deserve it.

I am down, struggling with not being able to vent emotionally, share laughter with “friends”, hang out with some ladies who mean so much to me, and I get an unexpected call from a friend…She just wanted to say “Hi”. My eyes well up with tears because it was just what I needed. Like the Lord heard my heart hurting for fellowship and he sends her.

Tim preaches at a church during a Choir extension. This church is known for giving love offerings but that is not something we were “expecting” from there. I mean, I think my husband is an amazing preacher and I see God work in his life on a daily basis, but he is just a student. After the message (He preached on “having a mind to work”) the preacher gets up and says “we are going to collect a love offering for this young man”. I bow my head in tears and I say “Lord, you know what our needs are.” I couldn’t even look at my husband. They take an offering, we walk down stairs to get a bite of food. We leave and my husband pulls out the love offering and we are amazed at God’s goodness. It was a perfect example of how we “think” we know what God is going to do, but he does sooooo much more! I don’t know that Tim would want me to share the amount. But what I can say is, our car payment is made, our car insurance is paid, Rusty can go the vet, I can buy contacts (I’m on a pair that you are only supposed to wear for two weeks, I’ve been wearing them since November), we can put Gas in our car, we can buy groceries, Tim gets to buy a couple of suites (honestly he is in desperate need of them as he wears them daily), and that’s all with Tim still giving half of the offering to God like He promised him.

Today, we are in Target grabbing a few things with a couple of the college students. One of the students makes a comment that she is unable to purchase something today but will wait until she gets paid. A lady in the same aisle hears her comment, walks over, and hands her twenty dollars and says “I remember what its like to be in that situation, I hope this helps”.

Tim receives a phone call today from Mrs. Welch who teaches Music at her college. She informs Tim that her son just had neck surgery and is not able to plow (we received over 8 inches of snow today) and needs help. Tim jumps at the opportunity to help and her son offers him $12.00 an hour to plow some driveways and a few large parking lots.

This has all happened within the last month. My head is spinning with many more instances and I just can’t thank the Lord enough for taking care of me. There is nothing like being in His perfect will. Don’t get me wrong, its not easy. It really isn’t easy when someone walks up to you and hands you money. My first reaction is to say “No really, thank you, but I’m good…you don’t need to do that”. That would be my pride jumping in. At times people will do things for us, buy our meal, help out with a need and I want to “repay” them. My husband always says to me “Ann, you ask God to meet your need and then you want to turn away His blessing.” Isn’t that so true! We let our pride get in the way and we want to fix everything our way. Or we want to tell God how we think He should fix it. *sigh* If only we had better knowledge how this really should go. If only I didn’t carry around this rotten flesh.

The Lord has brought us so far, and I know we have such a long way to go, but I am so glad that I’m in the potters hands. And when he finds a flaw, he doesn’t just toss us aside, he just helps us fix it and then he continues to mold and make us.
Some other things going on….

We have a new Niece, her name is Carissa Lillian. She’s beautiful. I can’t wait to meet her soon.

I will be going to the Zawadzkis the rest of the week. I need some away time. I can’t wait to hang out with Kerry!

Our Sword of the Lord Conference is coming up. A busy time for us. We have BIG announcements that will be made so I can’t wait.

Also that Week is my 30th Birthday! Age doesn’t really bother me but seriously, 30?!?!?! Already?!?!?! When did that happen?!?!?!

My brother made it back safely to the States after his first deployment. He’s been in the Marines for either 6 or 7 years and He was never deployed before this one. He just received word that he may be shipped out again a week before his son is born. Poor guy…but thankful for his sacrifice!

I believe that’s about it for all that is going on. We have a full plate and we keep ourselves busy.

Until the next inspired update…Please remember to thank the Lord for His grace and mercy!
Much Love,
Ann Marie