Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Had such a wonderful week!!!

3/11 was the Lords Day! Both Services were amazing! We had one of our young teen's get glorious saved! AMEN! His dad had been coming for about 2 months! We are very excited to have Evan in our class! He is very intelligent and fits right in :)

3/12 I had one of my greatest workouts! I know...I have said that before....they just keep growing! I worked out on the Treadmill for 45 minutes and then did the Arc Trainer for about 7 minutes.  My first time on it and it kicked my butt! The rest of the day I cleaned, went and did a little shopping and relaxed with my husband :)

3/13- Worked out 60 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the Arc Trainer.  It was TOUGH! ugh! I didn't get a very good nights rest so I think that had something to do with it.  The weather has been really warm and BEAUTIFUL.  If only I had my camera charged....I did order a new charger...so I'm sure when it arrives I will find my original charger *sigh* I also did LAUNDRY! UGH 8 loads...over at the Kachuk house.  I enjoy their fellowship! Had a great time :) Hanging out...not doing laundry! But I did get to use my homemade laundry soap and I LOVE it! It works soooo good! Will be well worth the $28 investment :)

3/14- Worked out 60 minutes on Treadmill and 20 minutes on Arc Trainer....WOOP WOOP! I had a GREAT workout!!! I'm really focusing on my heat rate while working out...the Personal trainer said if its lower I can burn fat...so thats what I'm trying to do right now.  I have to go much slower...but hey...its not how fast....its how well...so thats a good thing.  Church was wonderful tongiht.  I was able to hold little Savannah the whole time.  She is the cutest baby girl I have ever seen! Seriously! She has the most perfect features! a Head full of dark hair big blue eyes and just adorable! She is a reminder of what my ultimate goal is :)

3/15- Worked out 60 minutes on Treadmill and 20 minutes on Arc Trainer! It's official....the Arc Trainer is my enemy! I always thought  my legs were strong....until I get on there! The first 10 minutes are painful, and I find myself wanting to quit.  Something deep down inside me shows up and makes me remember my ultimate goal! I will do this and my lazy flesh will not hold me back.  This is the first time in my 32 years of life that I've desired something and stuck with it.  It's been a rough journey but every day I still get up and do it! Tim has been a huge motivation for that as well.  My knee is still really bothering me and today after my workout it was really difficult to get around.  I'm thinking I may need new shoes.  Maybe I can get those for my Birthday :) I did a little shopping at Walmart and at Target for some storage items.  We are staying in the Prophets Chamber until our Parsonage becomes available and its little...and we run out of places to put stuff! I got some amazing deals! Bought a few rolling racks on clearance and USED A COUPON! so I got it for super cheap! Love it! Did very little work at home as my knee was really bothering me! There is always tomorrow:)

3/16- No workout this morning...but don't worry...I got one! lol  I did about 90 minutes of cleaning! I mean GOOD CLEANING! ya know the spring time kinda clean! It felt good to have my house clean! lol  Then I went shopping for the Workers Luncheon we are having as an appreciation for all their hard work at Harvest.  I love doing things like this! Whats on the menu?  Chili, meat Sandwiches, chips, fruit salad and cookies for dessert.  I browned the ground beef so I would have less to do in the morning tomorrow.  6 pounds later....lol  Anyway...it was an overall good day

3/17-  No workout again today, BUT I did prepare all the food for the Workers banquet, served the food and cleaned up! So trust me, I got my workout! lol We had a great appreciation banquet.  46 people showed up and heard a ton of great things about the banquet.  Thankful to be able to do the Lords work! I did wear green just so I wouldn't get pinched :) Tomorrow is my birthday! Can't wait!!

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