Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly blogging...

I'm not sure that many people would be interested in hearing about my week but I just read a post from a friend concerning her husband grandma that past away and it reminded me of something I've been wanting to do.  My goal is to blog once a week about the past week and hopefully I can get more than that in...then at the end of the year I'll have that year printed and put in a book.  I know of quite a few people who are doing Project Life.  Something I'd love to do but I just don't think it's me right now.

So I'll start with Last week....3/4-3/10
I'm hoping to add pictures but I have to wait until my new charger shows up in the mail since my husband has "misplaced" it *sigh*

Sunday of course was was wonderful.  The spirit of Harvest is just wonderful! We love that the people are willing to do anything asked! The Pastor, Martin Shott, loves his people.  He would seriously give them his shirt if they needed it.  The messages have been on reconciliation  since our theme is "Each one reach one; Each One Teach One".

Monday- I didn't end up going to the gym with Anna but I did do my biggest Loser dvd!  I also received my package from Close to My heart! I am a brandy new consultant! You can find my website here  So I played with that!

Tuesday- I worked on my crafting! fun fun! Our Pastor invited us out for lunch....special occasion?  Keep the staff happy! lol He's so funny! We watched a movie :)

Wednesday- Worked out 60 minutes on the treadmill felt really good to accomplish that! Then I came home, cleaned up some, worked on some crafting, took a nap, and we had church! I worked in the nursery with Roxanne.  We had a great time...loved the little ones we had.  Dillon, Christina and Kayla.

Thursday- Got up around 8am and went to the gym.  Walked the treadmill for 60 felt good...until i hurt the back of my knee.  *sigh* :(  Rested the rest of the day, missed Financial Peace :(

Friday- More Resting,

Saturday- More resting, made Chicken and Dumplings for a lady in the church that had surgery, spent some time with them. Watched TV and went to bed early because it was time change sunday...which means we would be losing an hour!

That concludes that week! Make sure you come back to this week! I will try and have more detail and of course, maybe, just maybe pictures :)

Ann Marie

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