Monday, April 16, 2012

Its the little things that count....

I've considered telling my weight...but I'm just not ready time...maybe once I hit my 50lb mark!

Anyway....I wanted to share some of the little things....the things I notice with all this working out and eating healthy that is inspiring me to continue...

Today, I got on the arc trainer...was going to town when I looked down and 15 minutes had already passed....I wasn't exhausted, I wasn't leaning forward trying to talk myself into making it...I was straight up just going to town and I got all excited because my back wasn't hurting, and I wasn't "exhausted"! Yep its a move on up!

Yesterday, I put a skirt on that I've been wearing, but yesterday, there was room in the waist....I mean ROOM!!! that just thrilled my soul! lol

Since my birthday I've been on weight watchers....not one time have I used my weekly "overage" points or have I used my exercise points! woohoo! I'm supposed to have about 54 points a day but I only average 38 and I PROMISE I'm eating!!!! It is impossible to eat that many points daily! I promise! lol Well unless I eat junk!

I have a ton more energy! My emotional well being isn't always stable but I blame that on my hormones (did you know you store hormones in your fat so when you start to lose it your body actually has too many hormones? and that is where a lot of mood swings and that crazy feeling come from...well at least for me lol) but I have a ton of energy!

I also am sleeping sooooooo much better.  No more nightly trips to the bathroom! I do get up every once in a while to get some water...then I make note to drink MORE the next day!

Thats all I can think of right now but I'm totally excited! Just taking it one day at a time and thankful for so many of you that continue to encourage and support me! You have no idea how much it means to me!

Love Always,

Ann Marie

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Faith, Friends & Flip Flops said...

That is awesome Ann! Isn't it wonderful feeling so much better! I am so excited for you..and You are such an encouragement to me! I am also working on losing the weight..and I have been doing so well. I think it is in the mindset! I have lost 14 pounds..Jenna is also doing the weight watchers...she is down 10. Congrats girl!! Keep it up!