Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So Many Meanings,,,

Sunday we honor our mothers.  This day tends to be extremely hard for me.  I put on a smile and wish those around me a Happy Mothers day and I smile at their children.  I will hold some of the babies and squeeze them a little more.  I will think of all my mom has done for me.  How much she protected, provided and loved me.  I will think about her many sacrifices and how she has cheered me on over the years.  I will think of my Nanny (grandmother) and how thankful I am that she raised my mom and how she has been such a wonderful support over the years. I will think of my dad's mom and how much she sacrificed to raise my dad.  I will think of my Husbands mother and how grateful I am that she raised a good godly son who adores me.  

I will then think of those little babies the Lord has for me in heaven.  I will think about how I KNOW why it was for the best but how I yearn to just see their precious faces, see their smile, and hug them tight....one day...when the trumpet sounds...I will :)

I will be reminded that if I "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Ps 37:4

I know one day the Lord will bless us with an addition to our family.  As I grow older each year, I feel I become more desperate for that moment.  My husband, a gentle, patient and loving man, reminds me that God's time will be perfect.  I know this....I really do....and when the moment comes...I will adore my children so much more, I will appreciate the precious life and I will do everything I can to raise them to Love the Lord.  

I know one day it will happen....I do....it still can be kinda hard....ya know...

So mothers, love your babies today, be thankful for them, and even when it is difficult and at times you are overwhelmed, remember, they are precious gifts from the Lord. :)

Happy Mothers Day! 


Ann Marie 

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