Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You do not fail when you fall....only if you don't get back up.....

Here I am...getting back up :)

The last 5 weeks have been fun, overwhelming and exhausting!

We went on family vacation for a week, came home to prepare for a huge "Celebrate America" Sunday and Monday.  We had friends and family come into town for a week.  I have been working non stop on a wedding which is this Saturday.  Next week is Neighborhood Bible Time (aka Vacation Bible School) and then there is the Washington D.C. Trip.  Needless to say, I haven't been to the gym :( boooooooo

I have yearned for the gym! I mean seriously! I can't wait to get back in there and get the 5 pounds I've gained off and then some! I fell off the wagon...thankfully I have been busy enough that I haven't gained much back and have kept pretty active but I can tell a HUGE difference in how I feel!

I have been soaking up and enjoying farm fresh veggies and fruits all summer! I'm excited to say blueberries fresh picked are my favorite! Tim and I will have to go back in a week and get some more only because I would leave them in a dish and we'd walk by and grab a huge handful and eat them....every. time. we. walked. by. lol

I have noticed some major changes in my body.  My hair is fuller and husband said "I think you are finally winning against this PCOS".  That made me smile real big :) I love when he notices stuff!

Because I haven't been eating super healthy like gut is bloated! I'm telling you...eating clean is so much better...but with a super busy schedule I just haven't been able to keep up! I hate to say this but I'm excited for when summer is over so that I can get back to a schedule that isn't so hectic!

So my goal starting Monday....working out at least 3 times a week but I'm hoping to make all 5 days!
Eating cleaner and eliminating sugar, dairy and gluten (gotta weed it out and find fun foods to replace it....hence my addiction to pinterest)
commit to logging everything on

How many are you in with me on this?!?!?! We got this!!! Ready.....Set...See you in the gym on Monday!!!

Ann Marie
The girl who refuses to let weight hinder her!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Prayer Request....

Nannie and Pop are like second parents to me.  They are my grandparents but I feel as if they were my other set of parents from when I was growing up.  They always made our summers full of fun.  Christmas and birthdays were always special and even now that I am older and married they still have a way of making me feel as if I am super special.  For the last few years they have been headed down the road I dread.  I have never really wanted to think about these moments. The letters or cards I receive from my grandparents have talked about how old age is kicking in full force and how its getting harder and harder for them.  Of course Nannie always puts a grin or smile after those kind of statements.  As I type this my heart is breaking.  My grandfather is doing the worst….he’s in the hospital with possible broken ribs, dehydration and a possible blood infection.  The way I remember my grandfather is the many fishing trips he would take me on as a little girl.  We’d go out on a pier right before the sun would set and he’d put a shrimp on my hook for me and help me cast it into the water.  I’d patiently….more like impatiently….wait for a fish of some sort to latch on and then with girlish excitement I’d scream and giggle and try to reel in the fish.  It was always exciting to see what kind of fish it would be.  Sometimes just a little fish… most of the time a stingray…other times a baby shark….I once caught a blowfish and it blew way up and then went small and kept doing it over and over...Pop would come and get it and take the hook out of the poor fishes mouth and let me look at it and then he’d throw it back in the water.  I love when pop would tell us stories of his childhood or talk about how beautiful Nannie was when he met her.  He is extremely witty and always making us laugh.  He’d get in his recliner and I’d sit on the foot rest and he’d play games with me.  I think he always let me win most of the time.  As I grew older and it went from always playing in the pool, or going to Walt Disney, or universal studios to going to the movies, or shopping or going out for lunch…I always enjoy time with Pop. 
Today I received word he is in the hospital and my heart just breaks.  I want so badly to go see him.  We have witnessed to him since I became a Christian.  We would stuff tracts in his Christmas gifts and invite him to church when he’d come visit.  A year ago this past May my husband also tried to witness to him concerning salvation.  My mom has complete peace that he is saved.  I have begged the Lord to give me the same peace.  He is Catholic. I believe Catholics can be saved…but how can they know the truth with all the lies that are fed to them?  I hope and pray he really is. 
I ask that you pray for my grandparents.  Pray for their salvation.  Pray for their health…and most of all pray for peace and comfort for all the family.